Ximena’s Story

Ximena* is one of the women who was helped by your generosity. We met her in December 2021 as the staff were getting ready to leave for the day hoping to get home before a heavy snow fall. The 24-year-old … Continued

Lucia’s Story

Lucia,* arrived at our Des Plaines’ office to confirm a positive at-home pregnancy test. While her husband was happy about the prospect of welcoming a new child to their family, Lucia, a 49-year-old, unemployed empty nester, was having none of it. … Continued

Louisa’s Story

Louisa* is one of the many women who has directly benefited from your support. In Christmas of 2021, Louisa, a 32-year-old mother of two, contacted us pregnant with her third baby. She was involved in an abusive relationship and had recently … Continued

Maddie’s Story

Maddie* contacted us in August 2021 when she realized she was pregnant. She had “gone off” the pill for two weeks the previous May then started taking it again so she had no idea how far along she was. Maddie … Continued