Our Mission

The Women’s Centers of Greater Chicagoland are dedicated to saving the lives of unborn children threatened by abortion through the most effective, morally acceptable means of reaching, informing and helping their mothers and families with appropriate loving alternatives.

With prayer as a foundation, “Des Plaines Pro Life” was founded in 1983 to distribute educational materials about the injustice of abortion and help groups that provided alternatives to abortion. In response to the vast need for pro-life pregnancy assistance, the first Women’s Center counseling office opened up on the north side of Chicago in 1984. Since that time, the organization has grown from one center to three counseling offices and two material goods resource centers in the greater Chicago metro area. A state-of-the-art Mobile Ultrasound unit has recently been acquired to serve women in disadvantaged areas where access to pregnancy centers is unavailable.

Through the generosity of hundreds of donors who believe in our frontline pro-life work, The Women’s Centers of Greater Chicagoland has saved the lives of more than 40,000 babies over the past 40 years, and has provided assistance to thousands of others.

Our Free Services

Every year, thousands of women facing a crisis pregnancy come to The Women’s Centers of Greater Chicagoland. A large portion of them are actively seeking abortion and others are vulnerable to abortion. Many feel scared and alone, without hope or support. Our professional and compassionate client advocates connect with each client, allowing her to share her story and express her feelings.

Each woman who enters our doors is encountered by someone who sincerely cares and believes in her. Our client advocates access the problems that led her to a crisis situation. Once they review all options and consequences, they identify resources that will help eliminate barriers that stand in the way of choosing life. Together, they develop a plan of action to implement that life-affirming decision.

  • Initial Pregnancy Test
  • Ultrasounds
  • Crisis Intervention Counseling
  • Material Goods Assistance
  • Financial and Social Service Referrals
  • Adoption Referrals
  • Sexual Integrity Education
  • Family Dynamics Counseling
  • Life Skills Education
  • Post-Abortion Counseling to Heal A Previous Loss