The Lives That You Impact


Thank you so much for all of your gifts and donations.


Throughout the years, The Women's Center has played a vital role in the Pro-Life movement in greater Chicagoland. We have been blessed to help young women find hope in one of the hardest seasons of their lives. Through your giving, we have been able to save the lives of many babies and unit families over the years. Here are a few stories of how your generosity has impacted our community. We pray that these stories serve as a sweet reminder of how your partnership with The Women's Center changes futures. Your generosity truly saves lives!

Ximena’s Story
Client Stories

Ximena’s Story

Ximena* is one of the women who was helped by your generosity. We met her in December 2021 as the staff were getting ready to leave for the day hoping to get home before a heavy snow fall. The 24-year-old...
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