Donations from IRA Accounts:

If you are a qualified IRA owner age 70 ½ or older you may be able to make a tax-free gift of up to $100,000. To get the tax benefit for your gift, simply transfer it directly from your IRA to The Women’s Center. We’re happy to help guide you through the process. Please call 773-794-1313 or contact us online.

To Qualify:

  • You must be 70½ or older.
  • You must own a traditional IRA account (funds in a 403(b), a 401(k) plans or other retirement plans, must first be rolled over tax-free to an IRA).
  • Your total combined IRA-Charity Rollover contributions cannot exceed $100,000 in any calendar year.
  • Charitable contributions from an IRA must go directly to The Women’s Center – not to a donor-advised fund or private foundation.