Louisa’s Story

Louisa* is one of the many women who has directly benefited from your support. In Christmas of 2021, Louisa, a 32-year-old mother of two, contacted us pregnant with her third baby. She was involved in an abusive relationship and had recently lost her job. Her boyfriend, who was not the father of her children, promised to care for her and her baby when they first decided to live together. She was desperate to get out of the arrangement and move back home to the Indian reservation where her parents and nine year old son lived before her upcoming due date. The night before she planned to leave Chicago, her boyfriend broke all the windows in her car; making it impossible for her to make the nine hour drive to Montana. Unsure what to do, Louisa called our office for help.

Two of our wonderful client advocates worked together to gather the references and resources that Louisa needed – including the number to the crisis pregnancy center right next to her parents. Louisa was relieved that someone took the time to listen to her and was so happy to be going to a safe place where she could wait the arrival of her baby. Before our client advocate hung up the phone with her, she asked if they could say a quick prayer together. Louisa hesitated for a moment. She grew up believing in the faith of her ancestors, but became a Christian in her early twenties. Louisa said that she had not prayed in a very long time but would like to pray now and was moved to tears by the simple prayer said for her overthe phone. Please keep Louisa and her children in your prayers.

*Names have been changed for the privacy of the families we serve.