Maddie’s Story

Maddie* contacted us in August 2021 when she realized she was pregnant. She had “gone off” the pill for two weeks the previous May then started taking it again so she had no idea how far along she was. Maddie is a confident 30-year-old operations manager, who works 80 hour weeks. She wanted an abortion because she and her boyfriend were in the middle of renovating their new home. She was concerned because she didn’t even have a functioning kitchen. Adding to the chaos, her boyfriend’s two young boys (both under five) were living with them; and he was unemployed. Maddie wanted to have children one day but not now. Even though she was raised Catholic, she was adamant that her faith had no bearing on her decision.

Based on her symptoms her Client Advocate estimated that she was 6 weeks pregnant, which is normally too early for an ultrasound, but Maddie insisted that if she couldn’t have it then she would just have it at the abortion “clinic.” The nurse did the procedure and determined that Maddie was actually at 22 weeks. When Maddie saw the baby on the ultrasound she invited her boyfriend and his sons into the examination room to see the baby on the monitor. Maddie was so happy after seeing her little one that she changed her mind immediately.

In December 2021, Maddie contacted us to let us know that her healthy, little boy was born!

*Names have been changed for the privacy of the families we serve.