Ximena’s Story

Ximena* is one of the women who was helped by your generosity. We met her in December 2021 as the staff were getting ready to leave for the day hoping to get home before a heavy snow fall. The 24-year-old found us on the internet and told us that she planned to abort her baby. Her client advocate sensed Ximena’s anxiety. She admitted to her that she and her boyfriend, Jose*, were smoking marijuana prior to the appointment.

Ximena described her boyfriend as being controlling. For example, he would not allow her to contact her family and friends. Constantly checking her phone calls and text messages, she felt mentally and emotionally abused by him. She chose to stay with him for the past three years, because he was providing food and shelter for her and her 8-year-old son from another relationship. Ximena didn’t think she could support her family on what she made working only twice a week as a waitress.

During her ultrasound Ximena was surprised to see that her baby was 13 weeks along and not nine weeks, as she thought. As soon as she saw her little one on the monitor and could see him kicking and moving about, she told the ultrasound nurse that she changed her mind and wanted to continue her pregnancy.

In February 2022, Ximena stopped in to get maternity clothes and a few outfits for her son Alex* from our Resource Room. She said that her pregnancy is going well and she felt good about her decision to have her baby. Jose is also happy to welcome their child into this world. Ximena planned to stop by soon to get a carseat, stroller, playpen, bassinet as well as baby clothes and diapers in preparation for her July due date.

*Names have been changed for the privacy of the families we serve.