Lucia’s Story

Lucia,* arrived at our Des Plaines’ office to confirm a positive at-home pregnancy test. While her husband was happy about the prospect of welcoming a new child to their family, Lucia, a 49-year-old, unemployed empty nester, was having none of it. She was embarrassed to be having a baby now that her children were all grown. It would be financially burdensome for them and most likely her pregnancy would be high-risk due to her age. When the client advocate told her the second test was positive, Lucia said she wasn’t going to keep the baby.

Her client advocate discussed other options with Lucia and recommended she return for an ultrasound, which Lucia declined. The client advocate suggested adoption, explained her baby’s personhood; and showed Lucia a short video about fetal development. Lucia was troubled by the information presented – especially the video. While getting ready to leave, Lucia started to change her mind and seemed less confident about having an abortion, warming up to the idea of finding a family to adopt the baby. A few days later Lucia called to tell us that they were keeping their baby! A big reason for the change of heart she explained was the unexpected support from their adult daughters.

Lucia is still sorting through her initial concerns regarding finances and the baby’s and her health but she is also greatly looking forward to welcoming her little in the one summer.

*Names have been changed for the privacy of the families we serve.